Auf der Rückseite des Covers von 'Jealous' fasst Carlos Santana John Lee's Einflüsse auf große Musiker zusammen:
"John Lee Hooker is a supreme force in American music. Listen to Jimi Hendrix's 'Blues Child,' listen to Van Morrison's phrasing, listen to nature's's keeping time with John's heart, foot and fingers. Boogie within, boogie without, but boogie till you shake off all your worries. John Lee is an ocean of inspiration."

  1. Jealous
  2. Ninety Days
  3. Early One Morning
  4. When My First Wife Left Me
  5. Boogie Woman
  6. Well Well
  7. I Didn't Know
  8. We'll Meet Again
  9. Worried Life Blues
  10. Ninety Days